Dean's Study Abroad Support Funds

Financial Support for Study Abroad and International Experiences

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has established a fund to provide financial support for CAS students on short-term Study Abroad Programs. This year, the fund can be used for CAS students engaging in a summer virtual international program, such as an international internship or virtual study abroad.
Funding may be awarded up to $2,000 per student to cover the costs for credit or non-credit bearing programs that include provider fees, or to pay a small fellowship to the student for engaging in a non-credit bearing and unpaid virtual international activity (such as an internship or research).
To apply, the student must submit the Travel Grant Application along with a one-page cover letter explaining why the virtual international opportunity is important to her or his academic development and indicating the level of financial need.
The College of Arts and Science's Short-term Study Abroad Funds are provided by gifts from our generous donors. As a condition of accepting this funding, awardees may be asked to provide a written thank you note to our donor(s).
Applications are due on March 19, 2021.