College of Arts & Sciences Major Declaration Form

Major Declaration Form


Please fill out the form for your desired major and it will automatically be routed to the appropriate office for processing. You will receive an automatic notification when your major is declared which will also contain the identity of your new major advisor.

Reminder: Students in the CAS are required to declare a major by the end of their sophomore, or fourth, semester. If students are still undecided at that time they should reach out to the CAS Advising Center via as well as the Center for Career and Professional Development for assistance with finding an appropriate career path. 

To drop an existing major please fill out a new major declaration form and indicate a replacement of your existing major on the form. If you have a double major or dual degree and are removing one without replacing it, please be in touch with your college office. If you are not certain who to contact please reach out to


Declaring more than one major: If either of your majors is a Bachelor of Science you will need to request permission to pursue a Dual Degree before you will be able to declare your second degree program. 


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